Katja Mordaunt
Katja Mordaunt
Lead developer at Neontribe & elm enthusiast.
July 25th, 2020


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At the start of every session, we try to think of times when we used one of the techniques from the club in our work.

These are a few of those:

  • Helping people improve interview technique - by using the code club reading technique instead of white board for shared code reading exercise.
  • Decisions about order of items - in writing code.
  • Telling people it is amazing!
  • Makes me think about comments more.
  • Beginners think more about features and less about keywords whereas I think about keywords, not what they are doing.
  • Increased my confidence of reading python (beginner).
  • Crazy that we used to learn by reading lines.
  • Making my comments less noisy - not new but a visual reminder of what that can do to a codebase.
  • Doing refactoring by looking at the core functionality - similar to the exercise where we identify important lines.
  • I have to read and analyse 2 unfamiliar codebases in Java (not a language I use). I would have been apprehensive about this, but now I'm looking forward to it instead because of experience in code reading club. It'll be like a private code reading session.
  • Googling for alternative solutions, I found myself underlining!
  • I did actually take a pdf of the main controller & highlighted over a cup of tea. I could have just tried loads of different inputs and checked what happened, but instead, I made the effort to not just fiddle and look at output.