Felienne Hermans
Felienne Hermans
December 3rd, 2021

Code Reading Club Reading Countdown - 3

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Countdown - Snippet 3

Today's code reading countdown again in JavaScript!



Snippet in Code

function prefixTreeBuilder(wordList) {
  const root = {};
  for (const word of wordList) {
    let node = root;
    for (const char of word) {
      let nextNode = node[char];
      if (!nextNode) node[char] = nextNode = {end: false};
      node = nextNode;
    node.end = true; // mark the nodes that are endings of real words

  function findChildren(node, prefix, list, maxLength) {
    if (node.end) list.push(prefix);
    for (const char in node) {
      findChildren(node[char], prefix + char, list, maxLength);
      if (list.length >= maxLength) return list;
    return list;

  function findSuffixes(prefix, maxLength) {
    prefix = prefix.toLowerCase();
    let node = root;
    for (const char of prefix) {
      let nextNode = node[char];
      if (!nextNode) return [""];
      node = node[char];
    let words = findChildren(node, prefix, [], maxLength);
    return words;

  return {root, findSuffixes};

//Submitted by Job van der Zwan, @JobvdZwan


Which JavaScript behavior(s) and feature(s) does this code exploit to not break where other languages might protest?


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